Welcome in the ceramics museum Bürgel


Sunday, Oct. 15, 3 pm

Upcomming Exhibitions

»The Heinz-Collection: West-German pottery between 1960 and 2010«

March - October 2018

Current Exhibition

»Pottery traces in Bürgel 7: The pottery Max Neumann«

02 September 2017 - 25 February 2018

For the seventh time, the Keramik-Museum Bürgel is taking part in a special exhibition on the traces of Bürgel's pottery history and is devoted to the pottery Max Neumann.
The pottery factory was founded in 1884 and belonged for almost a century to the most important Bürgel production sites. Today the manifold product range, ranging from traditional Bürgel stoneware to luxury ceramics, is testament to this.

The Max Neannann pottery, for example, produced everything from everyday dishes with an eye-catching design, to the stoneware pots with the "blue apron", to the richly decorated pots of historicism, ornamental ceramics of Art Nouveau and Art Decó.

The variety of the decor and the colourfulness of the paintwork and in particular the export ceramics of the twenties and thirties, which found great sales in the USA, Canada, Holland, England and Scandinavia, are remarkable.

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