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Gernot Fritzsche – Ceramics put to good use

Gernot Fritzsche (born 1944) is one of the finest contemporary ceramicists in Thuringia. Over decades, the potter, who lives in Suhl and has been self-employed since 1982, has perfected his craftsmanship, which had its beginnings in Bürgel. Trained in the master area Friedel in Bürgel and in the workshop of Gerda Körting in Saalfeld, as well as his subsequent journeyman work in the ceramics workshop of Heide-Marie Fritzsche in Saalfeld, Gernot Fritzsche received the finishing touches to the craft in his master training with Walter Gebauer. The fact that he occasionally had to endure bruises when Walter Gebauer demonstrated the power of the pincer grasp makes him smile today. He would not want to have missed that time or any of his previous educational and professional detours. After all, he is a passionate potter and can be found at his own stall on many pottery markets every year.

Gernot Fritzsche still particularly loves making pottery products for everyday use. His ceramics embody puristic elegance, solid craftsmanship and functionality. With their appealing brown or gray-green mat glazes, he wants his ceramics to be put to good use, as the title of the exhibition states.

Gernot Fritzsche is a man of modesty, wit and cheerfulness, but nonetheless with a firm attitude. Not only a potter and problem solver, creatively mastering all challenges in life and work, he is also an excellent sportsman.

In the annual competition for the Walter Gebauer Ceramics Prize in Bürgel, Gernot Fritzsche has won several awards, most recently in 2022 for a tea set consisting of a tea pot and bowl. The exhibition »Gernot Fritzsche – Ceramics Put to Good Use« pays tribute to the work of the nearly 80-year-old ceramicist and illustrates the development and diversity of his skills in this retrospective. We would like to thank the »Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Thüringen« for the financial support for this special exhibition.

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