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Support Group/ Registered Association Ceramics Museum

Bürgel and Dornburg Ceramics Workshop (e.V.)

Representative board: RA Michael Jurkschat

Am Kirchplatz 2 · 07616 Bürgel

Telephone: 03 66 92 – 37 333

Telefax: 03 66 92 – 37 334



The “Support Group Ceramics Museum Bürgel e.V.” was founded in 1994 with the intention to support preserving the Ceramics Museum Bürgel. Since 1999 the main goal was to find a new location for the museum which could be achieved in 2003. After the building being (Eisenberger Straße) in bad need of repair, the museum has now premises at its disposal that meet the structural and technical requirements of a modern museum. After comprehensive reconstruction and fundamental rebuilding on the inside up-to-date conditions for the establishment of a ceramics museum with national importance were finally realized in the “Old School Building” (listed for preservation) in the centre of Bürgel.

Since February 2011 a new statute of the Support Group has formulated two goals with direct non-commercial purpose of its activity. Firstly, it means managing the Ceramics Museum Bürgel that the Support Group is in charge of. In that way the museum shall be maintained and promoted in its further development with lasting effect. Secondly, the Support Group aims at the following: the Dornburg Pottery Workshop shall be maintained at its original place as the only still existing workshop of the Weimar Bauhaus and shall be opened to the public as a museum.

First of all the following tasks have to be managed:

  • Collecting and preserving characteristic items of the pottery trade focusing on the Bürgel and Dornburg pottery history
  • Doing research and particularly communicating the Bürgel pottery history and the history of the Dornburg Pottery Workshop as two centres of manufacturing ceramics with national importance
  • Communicating the peculiarities and the high position of the pottery manufacture in Bürgel and Dornburg focusing on stoneware production, Art Nouveau and Henry van de Velde, Bauhaus, lives and works of outstanding ceramicists working in Bürgel and Dornburg (e.g. Karl Otto Hermann Schack, Carl Fischer, Walter Gebauer, Heiner-Hans Körting, Gerda Körting, Lisa Körting)
  • Organizing and performing special exhibitions and events
  • Developing the two sights further to attractive locations for locals, tourists and school groups.


Become a member!

You can support the work and goals of the Support Group effectively by becoming a member and paying the annual fee of 20€ for private persons or families, and 50€ for institutions.
As a member of the association you can visit the Ceramics Museum Bürgel free of charge, after opening also the museum’s part of the Dornburg Pottery Workshop as well as the special events. If you like you can also support us with a donation, a piece on long-term loan, or taking on a sponsorship for the specific purpose of acquiring an item.

The statue of the Support Group is accessible by clicking on the above headline (support group) and can be downloaded. With pleasure we will send you a form of membership.
Here you can download our current form to become a member in our association/ support group.

Here you can download our current statute.

Here you can download the Form of Membership

Account for membership fee and for donations:

IBAN: DE65 8305 3030 0000 5730 00
Bank: Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland