The Ceramic Award

Nowadays the Walter-Gebauer-Ceramic-Award Bürgel is one of the most appreciated prizes in its field.

Since 1995 the competition has been annually announced and the award is awarded on the occasion of the Bürgel Pottery Market.

Ceramics in high manual quality and with special creative standard shall be honoured. The creative implementation of the subject, the use of traditional ceramic techniques as well as the search for new forms of expression in the ceramics are appreciated.

With this prize the honourable master potter and teacher Walter Gebauer (1907 – 1989) is

reminded of.

In 2008 ART regio, the program of the Sparkassenversicherung to support art, one in three institutions gave the amount of 1,500€ for the prize for the first time.

Since that time the prize has been sponsored by ART regio. The two other institutions are the Support Group of the Ceramics Museum Bürgel / Dornburg Pottery Workshop e.V. and the Bürgel Pottery Market e.V. (up to 2014 the Bürgel Pottery Market GmbH).

The prize raises more attractiveness because of the public competition exhibition , seen by several thousands of visitors every year. Furthermore there has been the tradition of acquiring pieces starting in the first year. So far every year the ceramics museum has succeeded in acquiring the piece of the winner and those competition works that gained praises by the jury . In the meantime this group forms a special collection field for contemporary ceramics in the museum.

In the meantime this group forms a special collection field for contemporary ceramics in the museum.

Every year the visitors of the competition exhibition have got the opportunity to award the public’s prize as secret ballot. The exhibit with the most votes is bought with the help of sponsors and afterwards a lot is drawn among those who voted for this exhibit.

Details on the tender


The participation is up to all people, living in Germany and working professionally in the field of ceramics or undergoing a ceramic training. Foreign ceramicists can take part if they also take part as exhibitors in the Bürgel Pottery Market in the same year.

The subject

Every year the subject is newly fixed and announced by the end of February at the latest. The formless registration for participation in the competition has to be received by 31 May by the Ceramics Museum Bürgel. The competition exhibit can be handed over personally or sent by post.

The jury of the competition is also newly appointed every year.

ART regio and the Ceramics Museum Bürgel have got one vote each as fixed members. The other three members shall ideally represent the manual pottery, the artistic ceramics and the field of training. Nowadays the jury awards one main prize and can award praises in addition. The amount of the prize may be divided and the works with praises can be honoured with bonuses. Furthermore the jury has the opportunity to recommend the Ceramics Museum Bürgel which of the exhibits should be bought.

Topics and winners of former competitions:

2014: „Unglazed“

One ceramic award and four praises were awarded.

Imke Splittgerber, Boren (Walter-Gebauer-Ceramics Prize)

Bernhard Elsässer, Halle / Saale (praise)

Beate Borchard, Erfurt (praise)

Stanislava Maryskova, Hamburg (praise)

Jochen Rüth, Altisheim (praise)

2013: „The small in the large“

One ceramic award and two praises were awarded.

Christina Salzwedel, Halle (Walter-Gebauer-Ceramics Prize)

Ludwig Laser, Berga (praise)

Nina Naußed, Halle (praise)

2012: „Ceramics decorates“

One ceramic award and four praises were awarded.

Anne Rößler, Dresden (Walter-Gebauer-Ceramics Prize)

Ralf Dostmann, Seifertshofen (praise)

Claudia Bischoff, Halle / Burg Giebichenstein (praise)

Stephanie Bierwirth, Dresden (praise)

Claudia Küster, Halle / Burg Giebichenstein (praise)

2011: „Coffee delight“

One ceramic award and four praises were awarded.

Martin Möhwald, Halle (Walter-Gebauer-Ceramics Prize)

Ludwig Laser, Berga (praise)

Ute Dreist, Techentin (praise)

Katharina Müller, Halle / Burg Giebichenstein (praise)

Anke Zapf, Kromsdorf (praise)

2010: „The tea pot“

One ceramic award and two praises were awarded.

Lena Biesalski, Halle / Burg Giebichenstein (Walter-Gebauer-Ceramics Prize)

Martin Möhwald, Halle (praise)

Gernot Fritsche, Suhl (praise)

2009: „Tray“

One ceramic award and three praises were awarded.

Hanno Leischke, Dresden (Walter-Gebauer-Ceramics Prize)

Birgit Hasse, Lenzen (praise)

Nina Naußed, Halle / Burg Giebichenstein (praise)

Hannes Uhlenhaut, Halle / Burg Giebichenstein (praise)

2008: „Ceramics for flowers“

One ceramic award and three praises were awarded.

Iris Schöne, Großhennersdorf (Walter-Gebauer-Ceramics Prize)

Inke Lerch, Bünsdorf (praise)

Katharina Link, Weimar (praise)

Jordi Mendez Canalias, Jena (praise)

2007: „Child’s cover“

Two ceramic awards were awarded.

Birgit Hasse, Lenzen (first prize)

Iris Schöne, Großhennersdorf (first prize)

2006: „The drinking vessel“

Three ceramic awards were awarded.

Christoph Zange, Stuttgart

Annette Wandrer, Berlin

Thomas und Katrin König, Kranenburg

2005: „The bottle“

Three ceramic awards were awarded

Ludwig Laser, Berga (first prize)

Katharina Link, Weimar (first prize)

Klaus-Peter Karl, Luthe-Wildenau (first prize)

2004: „The flower pot holder“

Three ceramic awards were awarded.

Johannes Rauer, Venne (first prize)

Petra Töppe-Zenker, Kapellendorf (first prize)

Susanne Petzold, Halle / Saale (first prize)

2003: „Table lantern“

Two ceramic awards were awarded.

Claudia Henkel, Höhr-Grenzhausen (first prize)

Silvia Ullmann, Wörthsee-Ettersschlag (first prize)

2002: „Breakfast alone“

Two praises were awarded.

O-Ton Werkstattgemeinschaft Claudia Schöpping und Andreas Zierold, Berlin

Cornelia Garbe, Berlin

2001: „The small bowl“

Three ceramic awards were awarded.

Joachim Lamprecht, Ludwigsburg (first prize)

Martin Möhwald, Halle / Saale (first prize)

Gil Ortiz, Berlin (first prize)

2000: „The vase“

three ceramic awards were awarded.

Birgit Hasse, Schwerin (second prize)

Andre von Martens, Gosda (second prize)

Ute Dreist, Techentin (third prize)

1999: „Tea for Two“

Two ceramic awards were awarded.

Sonngard Marcks, Wolfenbüttel (first prize)

Frank Steenbeck, Jena (first prize)

1998: „The candlestick“

Three ceramic awards were awarded.

Hartmut Link, Billerbeck (first prize)

Martin Neubert, Bürgel / OT Taupadel (first prize)

Nathalie Schnider-Lang, Alerheim (first prize)

1997: „The fruit bowl“

Two ceramic awards and three praises were awarded.

Judith Runge, Halle / Saale (first prize)

Annette Wandrer, Berlin (first prize)

Barbara Dietel, Grimma (praise)

Ute Neumann, Langenhessen (praise)

Kathleen Wunderwald, Jena (praise)

1996: „The jug“

A first prize, two second prizes and a special prize were awarded.

Thomas Thunig, Schmölln (first prize)

Ute Dreist, Techentin (second prize)

Ute Klötzer, Gera (second prize)

Kathleen Wunderwald, Jena (special prize)

1995: “The cup”

Four first prizes were awarded.

Ute Dreist, Techentin (first prize)

Jan Liebmann, Halle / Saale (first prize)

Anette Möbius, Jena (first prize)

Telsche Neubert, Bürgel / OT Taupadel (first prize)