Pottery Market Bürgel 2022 – 17.-19.vJune

The market takes place on 17th – 19th June 2022 with almost 100 selected ceramicists.

  • Culinary market
  • Collectors’ market for old ceramics
  • Children’s activities
  • Competition exhibition for the Walter-Gebauer-Ceramic-Award Bürgel
  • Outdoor firing, demonstrations
  • Ceramics Museum Bürgel with special exhibition
  • Admission to the market free of charge

One of the most traditional pottery markets in Germany takes place in Bürgel.

The past

In 1971 – under GDR-conditions – they started to remember the former sales of ceramic goods at weekly markets. This was connected with a lot of difficulties and the term “pottery market” was not yet used. First the potteries that produced for the state-owned art trade presented their hardly available goods during the annual so called “Betriebsfestspiele” (event with special program, offers of goods, food and drinks). There were long queues even long before the sales stands opened.

Later the sales of the potteries at markets could be successfully establish in a new way, still under the term “Bürgeler Markttage (Bürgel Market Days). At that time ceramicists from Hesse and Bavaria came to offer their products. The large size of the „Pottery Market“ has existed since 1990.

And today

Today the Bürgel Pottery Market with about 100 stands belongs to the largest in Germany. The organizers are proud that they have succeeded in allowing only professional potters and no traders to present and sell their goods. In addition, the market has developed its own and special profile with the following features:

• firing ceramics outdoors in a special kiln,

• the run on the occasion of the Pottery Market,

• the competition exhibition for the Walter-Gebauer-Ceramic-Award,

• the special exhibition in the Ceramics Museum,

• the additional collectors’ market for old ceramics

• the culinary market.

A varied program around the Pottery Market makes it to one of the largest events in the region. By the way the admission is free of charge!

You can find here further details about the 41. BÜRGELER Töpfermarkt.