The Bürgel pottery market

Every year on the second to last weekend in June, one of the most traditional pottery markets in Germany takes place in Bürgel. The market was established in 1971, reminiscent of the town’s farmers’ markets of the past. However, the name »pottery market« was not yet used at the time. Initially, the pottery workshops producing for the government art trade organization of the GDR showcased their highly sought-after products during the annual company festival where, hours before opening, long lines formed in front of the market stalls. Later, the workshops were able to reorganize their market sales as »Bürgeler Markttage« (Bürgel Market Days). That was also the first time ceramicists from Hesse and Bavaria participated in the market. The »Pottery Market« in its present form has been in existence since 1990.

The market brings together (inter)national ceramicists in numerous stalls, a collector's market for antique ceramics, an exhibition of entries for the Walter Gebauer Ceramics Prize, as well as demonstrations and no-kiln firing. Visitors can enjoy culinary delights and entertainment, and see the »Ceramics Queen« who reigns over the market.

17/18 June 2023

Bürgel pottery market

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