Current special exhibition

May 2024

Come in! Treasures from the depot.
For young & old.

Come in! Our current special exhibition is all about “being a child” and children's ceramics. We have gone through our depot with childlike eyes and present small and large treasures for young and old. There are not only lovingly designed everyday objects and toys from the past and present to marvel at, there is also a clay fairytale world to explore, which was made by children as part of a project. In addition, a colorful zoo of different ceramic animals can be admired, such as a brightly colored Art Nouveau fish from the Tonwarenfabrik C. A. Schack or the popular swivel-headed owl by Heiner-Hans Körting. Of course, bizarre items such as the typical Bürgel “Sparbrüste” (breast-shaped savings boxes) are also on display. The oldest savings box in the collection is on display. This original version of the money box dates back to 1876 and, as the inscription reveals, was placed at the mother's puerperium on the occasion of Bertha's birth.

The inspiration and centerpiece of the show is a collection of doll's tableware from the estate of Bürgel ceramist Christine Freigang. It includes lots of colorful plates, small pots and dotted jugs as well as tiny cups. And a small farmer's cupboard with a dedication: “Christmas 1946. From your grandpa.” It was Paul Gebauer who made the incredibly charming doll's tableware for his “Christinchen”. These are personal objects, a piece of family history. These little treasures show us that such miniatures are more than just children's toys. Their loving design and decades of care bear witness to the affection between grandfather and granddaughter.

Based on this fundamental idea, this exhibition is also somewhat different than usual. Because our ceramic treasures from the depot arouse emotions. From fascination about what ceramics can do to the joy of playing for the youngest. And for adults, perhaps even the memory of what it was like to be a child. Come on in! Admire our treasures for young and old!

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