There has been a unique density of potteries working in a skilled manual way in Bürgel and its surrounding parts up to today. Bürgel has got the largest number (seven firms of different sizes and two temporarily working workshops) among all Thuringian towns and probably in Central Germany. Together with the Bürgel Pottery Market and the Ceramics Museum the town has been able to maintain its reputation as the Thuringian pottery town up to the present time. The size and the profile of the single workshops differ. The still popular “Blue and White Ceramics” is accompanied by several new decors so that the offers are getting more and more colourful and different.

Visiting the Ceramics Museum can ideally be connected with a stroll through the shops that are usually also open at the weekend. You can even sometimes have a look at the workshops in the near vicinity of the museum.

Potteries in Bürgel: